Nishanth Shanmugham

I contribute to open source software and occasionally write. I'm on Twitter and GitHub. You can also get in touch by email. I'm a student at The University of Texas at Austin and a part of MAD Labs.

I've created the following software:


YWeatherAPI is a powerful Yahoo Weather API wrapper for iOS and Mac. It uses AFNetworking and does not block the main thread. It supports caching responses with customizable expiry times. It can also fetch the weather in multiple units, which can be configured globally or for each request. It available on CocoaPods.

YouTube Pause

A simple Chrome extension that prevents YouTube from scrolling down when you hit the spacebar when the player does not have focus. Instead, the extension fixes this behavior — pausing and playing the video as you would expect. Featured on CNET.

DuckDuckGo Instant Answers

Open source modules Perl and JavaScript modules to display ISBN results, encode/decode HTML Entities, and encode URLs, among other useful things. The results are directly displayed on the search page of Read more here.

What's Playing

What's Playing is a Firefox add-on that enables desktop notifications for music websites when the next song in your playlist starts playing. It supports Grooveshark, Spotify Web, Songza, and Rdio. Internally, it uses MutationObservers to get the next song's metadata before sending it to the operating system's notification service.


Select and add dates on webpages directly to Google Calendar with a single click. It supports multiple calendars and is available for Google Chrome.


A Google Chrome extension that automates your browser and surroundings based on natural events. For instance, it can automatically dim your room lights when you watch Netflix, or log you out of secure websites when you walk away from your computer — top 10 hack at HackTX, 2014.